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Volunteer in Arusha | Projects & Placements

Volunteer in Arusha | Projects & Placements

Volunteer in Arusha | Medical Volunteer Program | Special need Volunteer Program | Women empowerment Volunteer Program | Education Volunteer Program | Your Empowement Volunteer Program 

Guide for Volunteering in Arusha

Arusha is a fairly large city in northern Tanzania close to the border of Kenya. It’s the springboard for many visitors to the wonders of both beautiful countries. From Arusha, many safari operators leave for the breathtaking national parks like Serengeti, Kilimanjaro and Ngorongoro Crater. Seeing the yearly Wildebeest migration is one of the most unique wildlife experiences in the world.

In Tanzania there are a lot of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) where you can volunteer. There are a lot of people all around the world that would like to help and volunteers, so Volunteer in Tanzania has become one of the very important area which needs guidelines, and proper information.

Where to Start and how to Plan your Trip ?

  1. #1. Start by defining how much money do you have and how many days you can stay in Tanzania. For one month in Arusha, if you travel on budget, you can live for 300-500$.
  3. #2. Make an approximate plan of your trip. Dedicate time for volunteering and check out the amazing things you can visit while in Tanzania – safari, hiking, canoeing in Lake Duluti, visiting Masai tribe, visiting Giraffe center in Nairobi, visiting Lake Natron with pink flamingos, visiting Mount Meru Waterfall. Give yourself time for both – travel & volunteer. Be open to change your ming and plan.
  5. #3. Contact different NGOs, get to know with them and choose the first one where you’ll volunteer. I suggest that you spend at least 2 weeks at one place – so you can get to know with the people, place and stabilize from cultural shock that you’ll have. 🙂 Remember, if you don’t like the NGO, you can always leave. You don’t need to stay. (Guide for Volunteering in Arusha)

How to Enjoy your weekend in Arusha? Click the photo Below

Guide for volunteering in Arusha
Safari, Day Tours, Waterfalls Mountain Climbing from Arusha

Booking a Plane ticket to Arusha:

You can fly to Arusha or Kilimanjaro airport. Both of them are really close. Usually, the NGOs charge 40-50$ for transfer from the airport. you Cana also opt to take a Shuttle at 10$, but if you can afford it is better to go with a private transfer from your Arusha’s host organization. Volunteering visa can be got on the airport and the cost is 200$. If you are a tourist, the visa is 50$. You can change your visa type to volunteering one, any time during your stay. (Guide for Volunteering in Arusha)

What you can do while Volunteering in Arusha?

Start by thinking what you’d like to do while volunteering. There are a lot of different possibilities. You can teach English, healthcare, math, play with kids, do gardening or anything else that you see as important or a way to support the community. With volunteering a lot of things change when you come, so seize the opportunity to contribute on the best possible way YOU can. Leave your mark, be open and flexible to do things on your way. Propose new solutions, take an initiative, be proactive. Give ideas that work good in your community!

Where to Volunteer in Arusha?

Villages Health Support Organization most commonly known as VHSO is a non – Profit organization licensed as an NGO in Tanzania,  the main objective is to provide social and Economic support, free diagnosis, treatment and medicines to the people of remote villages (With the help of regional Doctors and Nurses) where there are absolutely no facilities for health care and travel to nearby towns otherwise necessary to obtain the services of physicians. (Guide for Volunteering in Arusha)

Volunteer in Arusha with VHSO

Volunteer in Arusha
Volunteer Opportunities with Villages Health Support Organization

Volunteer in Arusha with Lisco

Volunteer Opportunities with Lifted Strong - Arusha

Get prepared – Visa, Vaccines and Money:

  • #1. Vaccine: some vaccines are recommended or required for Tanzania. The CDC and WHO recommend the following vaccinations for Tanzania: hepatitis A, hepatitis B, typhoid, yellow fever, rabies, meningitis, polio, measles, mumps and rubella (MMR), Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis), chickenpox, shingles, pneumonia and influenza.
  • #2. Insurance (Book an insurance that pays all the medical costs while you on your trip, not the one where you pay and they refund)
  • #3. Money. Prepare USA dollars ($). For 1$ you get 2.277 Tz Shillings. For 2 months living, if you don’t plan climbing Kilimanjaro (1.400$) or going safari (400$+), you won’t need a lot of money. You can live with 300$-500$ a month.

How to Plan volunteer TRIP to Arusha?

Book a week at one NGO in advance (just so you know who’ll pick you up at the airport) and then decide where next you’ll go and what next you’ll do. Give yourself time to get to know with the city, culture, way of thinking and living. You’ll be shocked and it takes time to get used to the dirt, dust, bargaining for everything, people looking at you like you’re from Mars. (Guide for Volunteering in Arusha)

Kilimanjaro airport transfers
Arusha City Travel Guide
Arusha City Travel Guide

Tips and Trick for Planning:

  • #1. Book first 2 weeks of volunteering. Talk with people online (Facebook, Skype), research different NGOs and find the one that you like.
  • #2. When you’re in Africa, talk with people in person, ask many questions, visit different NGOs and find the next place to go.
  • #3. Prepare cash in advance. You don’t need a lot of money for 2 months.
  • #3. Bring long-sleeved clothes. Sometimes you can wear a T-shirt, but you won’t need shorts. During the night it can be cold.
  • #4. Bring the clothes that you’ll not regret if it gets dirty. I suggest brown, black, navy.
  • #5. Buy in advance: cosmetics (here is expensive and limited with options), some sweets or anything that you really love.
  • #6. Buy medicines in advance. I had a problem in finding in the pharmacy the medicines that I needed.
  • #7. Buy health insurance: Ask your Host organization to get you an Amref flying Doctors evacuation insurance.

Average Cost for Volunteering in Arusha:

Estimated Cost:

  • #1. Two-way ticket to Tanzania – Depend with your country of residence.
  • #2. Visa – as a tourist it is 50$ ($100 for US residents), as a volunteer 200$
  • #3. Safari – 1.580$ – Averga for a 4 Days Safari to Serenget.
  • #4. First 2 weeks of volunteering – free
  • Most of the NGOs charge 7-15$ for accommodation and 3 meals

Prices in Arusha:

  • #1. Hotels in Arusha start 15$ a day with breakfast
  • #2. Meal in Venice hotel 3-5$
  • #3. Coffee from 1$ (Msumbi Coffee), 2$ in Stiggbucks
  • #4. Dala-dala (City bus) 0.25$ per ride
  • #5. Taxi motorbike – 5$ for 10km ride, 0.43$ for 1km
  • #6. Beer in a local pub – 1.2$
  • #7. 10gb of internet Vodacom – 15$
  • #8. Natural History Museum – entrance 10$
  • #9. Laundry – 11$ in hotel

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