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Transport in Arusha I Arusha Guide

Transport in and around Arusha: 

There are four main ways to get around the urban and rural areas in Arusha, and they are:

Dala Dala – The most popular and cheapest way to get around, dala dalas are minibuses that offer transport from the surrounding suburbs and villages to and from town.


Boda Boda (or Piki Piki) – These are motorcycle taxis which you can pretty much find everywhere in the main towns. Boda bodas probably aren’t the safest way to get around, but if you do decide to use them on a regular basis, find a good driver and make sure they have a safety helmet.


Bajaj – These are basically Tanzania’s version of the tuk-tuk; a three-wheeled motor rickshaw. Some regularly operate in certain suburbs/towns offering a service where you can share the ride with other passengers travelling the same route. Making it a super cheap and more reliable way to get around.

Taxi – Although more expensive than the above, taxis are probably the safest way to get around. Although they can be a nightmare during rush hour,  where it usually gets gridlocked. So it’s best to time your journey right.


If you are moving to Arusha and plan on staying long-term, you may wish to look into buying your own car. There are many car dealers/brokers who can help out with this, although be aware that you (rather than the seller) might have to pay commission for their assistance. Prices also might be higher than what you are used to due to import taxes.


For the first six months, you can drive in Arusha on your home country’s license or an international license. However, if you are living in Tanzania for longer, you will need to obtain a Tanzanian driver’s license.

Ngurdoto Crater in Arusha National Park

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