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When to visit Arusha Tanzania: Arusha is a vibrant, bustling town in northern Tanzania at the base of Mt Meru. It is widely considered to be the gateway to the northern safari circuit and also Africa’s highest peak, Mt Kilimanjaro – but over the years it has become much more. Often visitors spend a night here, either at the beginning or end of a safari, but in doing so you don’t get a chance to appreciate the highlights and nuances that make Arusha.

When to visit Arusha

Due to altitude (1300m), Arusha enjoys a temperate climate almost all year round. You can enjoy wildlife viewing year round in Arusha National Park and surrounding regions, but the dry season from June to October, is reckoned to be best time when animals are easier to see as they congregate at rivers and waterholes. November to February provide good safari conditions. The wettest months are March, April and May, although the rains do bring the benefit of greenery which makes the landscape photogenic.

Juned to October:

  • This is the dry season considered the best time for wildlife viewing
  • There is less vegetation so animals are easier to spot
  • Water is scarce so wildlife gathers at known sources
  • There are fewer mosquitos in the drier months
  • Early mornings and evenings can be chilly

November to May:

  • Beautiful, lush scenery makes a great backdrop for photos
  • Migratory birds make for excellent bird watching
  • April and May are generally the quietest months in terms of visitors
  • The rains peak from March to May
  • Due to rain the driving conditions may be become difficult on some roads


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