When is the best time to Visit Arusha?


When is the best time to Visit Arusha?

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    When to visit Arusha:

    Lying at an altitude of about 1400m (4600 ft) above sea level, Arusha, experiences a mild climate.

    • #1. Best time for Northern Safari Circuit: peak safari season is from June to October.
    • #2. Great Migration: between¬†July and August, and from November to March.
    • #3. To climb Mount Meru: June to February, excluding November (rains).
    • #4. Best views of Kilimanjaro:¬†from December to February.


    Quick Facts About Arusha

    • #1. Arusha is the half-way point on the legendary Cape to Cairo Route
    • #2. Two airports – Kilimanjaro International Airport and Arusha Municipal Airport
    • #3. Upgraded from town to city status in 2006
    • #4. Population of about 333 791 to 500 000
    • #5. Named after a local tribe, called the Wa-Arusha, or Larusa
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