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I truly appreciate all the packing tips from everyone, but would like to get a ladies’ opinion about what they packed (or are planning to pack). My friend and I are going on 6 day Safari and then 4 days in Zanzibar. I have an array of tans, greens and brown things, but need help as far as safari wear, p.j.’s at night, casual wear, and beachwear. Thank you! Thank you!

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  1. I often travel for 3/weeks to both Kenya and Tanzania and the coastal areas of each. If I, confirmed “princess” can fit everything needed in a duffel and still come in under 33/lbs… anyone can.

    Convertible pants, those that zip above the knee to give you long shorts are a good option, though they certainly aren’t a fashion statement. I stick with regular cotton slacks and 1 or 2/pr of long shorts. The latter for beach only. More often though I wear crop pants on ZNZ. Beachwear as you would anywhere, maybe 2 or these and a coverup though you can buy traditional kikoy which can be used while on safari to keep the chill off.

    For safari clothes, a few pair of pants, with short/long-sleeve tops, a warm jacket, sweater or hoodie for cool mornings/nights – interchangeable items in complimentary hues work always. Sleepwear for me is always an XL man’s T-shirt. Some prefer leggings for more warmth. Depending on where staying, it’s not unusual to have down comforters for nights, or at least a hot-water bottle placed under the linens to keep your dogs warm.

    All items are packed in 2/gallon zip locks, which keep the dust/sand at bay. Easy to pack these, see what’s what. Laundry can be done at inexpensive cost if not already included in your per night rate. If you send poly clothing for wash, tell them not to iron or you might not get back what you sent in. Why I only use natural fabrics.

    Have something for your hair – hat, scarf, scrunchies, barrettes, etc.

    Just remember, this isn’t a fasion show. Everyone is in the same boat and no one will know you rewore some item, nor care. This isn’t a cruise or a resort stay where many feel they have to change 3x a day. Your morning cloths can work for the entire day, with maybe a change out of safari tan for evening with a pair of dark pants, a nice sweater and piece of costume jewelry or shawl (the kikoy works great as a shawl or beach pareo).

    Things in plastic bottles – shampoo, lotions, repellent, other – go into a zip lock and can be placed in middle of the duffle between two piles of cloths on either side. Haven’t broken or had leak anything yet.

    Have fun packing, but don’t make it too complicated.

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