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    • All necessary documents: passport, itinerary, travel insurance, vaccine certificate and others that might apply.
    • Any medication and pharmaceuticals you might need: This should include medication for possible common situations like headaches or diarrhea.
    • Sunblock, sunglasses, hat, lip balm and moisturizer.
    • Your camera: we recommend bringing a wide lens (about 17-55mm) for those scenery pictures, and a telephoto lens (in the 200-400mm range) to catch animals at a distance.
    • Binoculars: Some operators do provide a pair of top notch binoculars in the vehicle but feel free to bring your own which you may be more used to.
    • Clothes: Comfortable and casual clothing, with khaki, beige or green colors. You should pack t-shirts, shirts with long sleeves, long pants, a sweater and a jacket (for the cold mornings), swimwear (if the accommodations you selected have a pool or if you do a beach extension) and comfortable hiking shoes. Remember: a same-day laundry service is usually available in most safari camps and lodges. This means you DO NOT need a change of clothes for each day you are on safari.

    Casual, comfortable clothing is suitable throughout the year when on safari. Whilst you may elect to start a completely new safari ‘wardrobe’ it is really not necessary! Apart from selecting reasonably neutral or ‘non-bright’ colored clothing, safari-wear is generally casual and practical.

    Be sure you take clothes that you feel comfortable in – especially when it comes to your walking/hiking boots. The newer quick-drying fabrics, shirts with ventilation and trousers that convert into shorts are all worth considering.

    1. Toiletries
    2. Insect repellent (30% Deet)
    3. Travel diary or notebook
    4. Sense of humor, patience, and common sense 🙂

    Hopefully, these tips will help you to figure out what you need to pack for your safari.

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