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I was planing on visiting a friend residing in Arusha, but I’m concerned if March is the right time to do it. Unfortunately, this would be my only opportunity to visit, so PLEASE ANYONE some details about the weather and rainfall in March!

I don’t want to travel all the way from Europe and find that it’s raining all the time and there’s nothing to do at that time of year! I couldn’t find any useful information on weather sites, I think I need and inside info 😉

Please, help, I would love to come, and go on some safaris of course, but need some concrete info!


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  1. I will not have a straight forward answer for this Question, but heavy rains of the long rainy season (Masika) tend to begin in March bringing with them much more cloud coverage and even higher humidity. Although the rains are unlikely to last all day, they can be frequent and are likely to occur most days throughout the month.
    This does mean that some roads become inaccessible during this time so please ask your Safari experts for their advice on the best parks to visit if March is the only time you can travel. Some lodges and camps may also close down during the heaviest parts of the rainy season so it is important to keep this in mind.

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