Uber and taxi in Arusha


Hi there,

Is there Uber or similar ride share in Arusha?

Also are taxis generally safe for tourists? Are they metered or do you need to haggle?

Thank you!

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  1. There is no UBER service in Arusha, but there is a new App called INDRIVER, which is new and has been operating for a while in Arusha, I am not very much used to it, but I see that they are working in Arusha town and nearby areas.
    I can recommend: http://www.tripinsighttanzania.com, for all your transport need in Arusha/Tanzania in General from Taxi, airport transfers, Safari transfers and even Safari guides,  They have been handling all our transport in Tanzania.
    Also I would like to add to how safe are the taxis. I suggest you take a registered taxes with numbers written on both sides and some with a small board plus taxi sign on top. there are so many unregistered taxi and I dont count them as safe taxi someone to use.

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