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The differences between a budget versus a deluxe safari are the quality and location of accommodations; quality and number of included activities (which are hidden in the final safari cost); size of the safari tour group; and the level of personalized service.

“of camping is the Holiday Inn!” – The novice explorer did not want to pitch a tent and cook food, though there are safaris where an authentic “in the African bush” experience is offered.  The novice explorer prefers flushing toilets (no squat holes); hot water showers (versus tepid bucket showers) after a long and dusty game drive; and meals prepared by someone else.

No video games/televisions on safari.   Guests have face to face conversations discussing the day’s events and animal observations.   Internet access is slow (and expensive) – almost nonexistent out in the bush.   Accommodations use generators for a few hours each day to power equipment and provide electricity.   The generators are turned off from midnight to dawn to conserve fuel.   The safari levels below are arranged as a group safari, as well as a private safari, by a safari tour company:   ·

   •  Budget – least expensive: Participation safari where camping equipment is carried; choice of ‘pitch own tent’ or more basic accommodations.   A cook may be hired to prepare meals and clean up.   This is a no frills wild game safari. ·

   •  First Class – moderate expense: more comfortable stays @ rustic hotels/lodges; large safari group tours; restaurants; beds (not sleeping bags); other amenities; additional costs for extra activities,in.e., Masai village visit. ·

   •  Deluxe – upscale and more expensive; smaller group tours, gourmet dining, game drives at night (additional charge); personalized service, all-inclusive meals and activities, i.e., star gazing, lectures, etc. ·

   •  Luxury – golf courses, spa treatments, private valets and butlers, wine and liqueur included with meals, free laundry.   Less emphasis on observing wildlife, more emphasis on personal pampering.

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