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What’s the best way to get from Arusha to Dar and back? Tried checking air fare tickets, but there was no price available. Is it expensive? I’m going in September.

I know it’s possible to travel by bus, but I read somewhere on the Internet that riding a bus between Arusha and Dar is a high risk activity because the drivers go way too fast. Does anyone have any experience with this? I’m guessing a bus ride is much cheaper than going by plane.


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  1. A return ticket on Precision Air (or any of the other carriers) will cost you about $250. Taking the bus isn’t so bad. It takes around 10 hours but you do get to see a lot of the country on your journey. And of course it is much cheaper, around $25 for a bus ticket.
    Providing you take one of the reliable bus companies then that will increase your safety. Dar Express and Darlux are my favorites. Marangu Coach  is also good. Both buses stop for a lunch break at a service area where there are several eating options and toilets.

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