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I will be staying at Country Lodge Karatu, what are the possible activities around the area?


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    Country Lodge is located near the bustling, agricultural town of Karatu – once a sleepy village awakened by rural development and increased visitors to our National Parks and World Heritage Areas. From Country Lodge so many adventures lie close by. Enjoy a day trip to Ngorongoro Crater, world famous garden of Eden, teeming with wildlife.


    Descend the Rift Valley escarpment to Lake Manyara National Park with its beautiful forest and many interesting eco-systems; or visit Tarangire National Park, famous for elephants in the dry season.


    Just a short drive away is the home of the Hadzabe, one of only two true Bushmen tribes surviving in Africa. The intriguing Barabaig people and Datoga people also live near Lake Eyasi – a dry and fascinating area lost in time and seeped in cultural history.


    Karatu is thriving agricultural district— producing fruits, vegetables, wheat and coffee on commercial scales— and home to the Iraqw people, who are talented farmers. You can easily wander our country roads, visit the village or organize a tour of a coffee plantation.


    • Shop in town
    • Explore our village
    • Visit a brickmaker
    • Take a cultural tour
    • See a coffee plantation
    • Birdwatch in our garden
    • Walk along country roads
    • Hike in the Ngorongoro Forest
    • Visit Lake Manyara National Park
    • Take a day trip to Ngorongoro Crater
    • Visit nearby Lake Eyasi for cultural encounters
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    Whether you are looking for cultural tours, hiking and biking opportunities, a chance to enjoy a slice of peaceful rural Tanzania, or simply a break from the dusty safari game drives, we think you should consider a stop in this underrated town. Here is our list of the top 10 things to do in Karatu Tanzania based on our visit.


    • #1. Take a Karatu Town Tour.
    • #2. Drink the Local Coffee.
    • #3. Visit a Local Brewery.
    • #4. Volunteer your Time to a Worthy Project
    • #5. Explore the Karatu Iraqw Market
    • #6. Learn about the Iraqw culture
    • #7. Search for Elephant Caves and Waterfalls in the Ngorongoro Forest Highlands
    • #8. Hike or Bike in the Countryside
    • #9. Use Karatu as a Base for Day Trips
    • #0. Relax and Recharge

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