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  1. No any part of Arusha can be termed “ a dangerous part to be avoided”. Only general precautions should be taken. During day light, the whole of Arusha town is safe to walk, drive around. During the night, I mean till around 08:30 pm, extra precaution is needed, particularly to the tourists.
    Some street boys may try something nasty – if a camera, wallet etc is loosely hanging on the waist. If you walk around with “nothing” exposed that can attract those boy’s attention, you are perfectly safe. Not easy to get robbed of a garment you are wearing. Of course some “slums”, narrow streets, unlighted streets, are to be avoided at all costs during the night.
    These areas might be safe during day, but somehow dangerous during darkness. Unga Limited part of Arusha takes the lowest safety standard. So, -avoid walking in the area during darkness, do not hang your camera, phone, wallet etc or anything valuable on your body, even during daylight, when walking in that area through the narrow unpaved streets.
    Two, three or more persons walking together – increases your safety. A native guide will ensure your safety. You can arrange one through the hotel you will be staying. The rest of Arusha town is quite safe during the day, but the safety might be low during the night. After 09:00, please take car, because not all parts of Arusha streets are lighted, and those street gang of thugs might take advantage of that.

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