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I have some specific questions that i’d love your input on… i’m going to lusaka, zambia to volunteer in end of may/june. my plan is to have my husband come and join me for the last week of june to travel down to vic falls/livingstone (3-4 days). so first question, what would u suggest for this – tour comp from lusaka, bus/train to vic falls/livingstone and do our own thing, etc.? do u have suggestions for tour companies, accommodations in livingstone, etc.?

Afterwards, we’re planning to do the northern circuit in tanzania.. likely go with basecamp – what’s the best way to travel from lusaka – killi airport (it seems as tho that’s where they start)? i was thinking of taking the train (not too reliable but beautiful scenary) or the bus (quite comfortable and reliable) from lusaka to dar but then we’ll still need to make our way up to killi airport? or is it better to go from lusaka to nairobi? or from livingstone to killi via air (is that even an option)? help!!!


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    You can take the rail from Zambia to Dar, might take a couple of days. Same for the bus. The air will be a bit expensive, most intra continental flights are a bit expensive, probably in the $500 – $600 range and you’ll be routed through Jo’Burg.

    In Dar you will need to catch either a flight or a bus from Dar to Arusha, bus will take about 10 hours and there’s a lot of them plying that route; a flight will be in the $200 range, Coastal Air will probably be the least expensive. I would guess that most tour operators will be able to make all these bookings for you.

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