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I will be travelling to north tanzania on july 29th with my 2 children (19 and 21) and we would like to go on a camping safari to ngorongoro, serengeti and tarangire NP. I don’t normally like to book a safari from europe.

Do you think we can still find good occasions if we book it directly when we will arrive in Arusha-Moshi? (Im just worried because of the high season)…Is it better to plan it from Moshi or from Arusha?


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  1. Arusha is safari capital! There is no need to worry. After arriving in Arusha, just find the local tour operators and you can book your safari from there. But put in your mind that you should arrive at least few days (recommended a week) before your date of safari so that you can organize an early and advanced booking with a tour operator company.

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