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I’ve been reading some of the reviews of the Safari operators/trips in the northern circuit, but I’d still like to get some additional info.

We are a group of 4 students living in Dar (so we have the opportunity to look around a bit and get info about the companies), and we’d like to go to serengeti, ngorongoro and maybe lake manyara for around 5/6 days originating from Arusha around aug 20.

We are looking for a budget safari in terms of accommodation and luxury. What are decent prices for this trip, and are there any recommended budget safari operators?



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  1.  I would suggest that you do a basic camping safari. This will have you sleeping in tents and they will take a cook along to cook your food and set up the tents. Some like this way more then others; but I figured a group of students wouldn’t mind doing this.
    Sunny safaris etc are good cheap camping options. The tents are nice and you will have someone preparing meals for you. more than sufficient for the average student:)

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