Ngiresi Village visit in Arusha


We’ re off to Tanzania in December. Our flight arrives at Kilimanjaro Int Airport at 13.50 mid-day and we are staying at Karama Lodge in Arusha the first night before our safari starts the next day. Our safari operator collects us at the airport and drives us to the lodge, according to the itinerary.

Do you think that there will be some time that first afternoon to visit the agricultural Ngiresi Village on the way from the airport to Karama Lodge?

It looks like such an interesting short excursion for an hour or two, but not sure, if there will be enough time to do this…

Does airport procedure take long at Kilimanjaro?

What would you recommend?

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  1. Arriving at 13:50 you will have time to do this. It typically does not take too long to go through Passport Control and Customs and collect your luggage, perhaps 30 – 60 minutes at the most. It takes about 45 minutes to get from JRO to Arusha. You have time to visit this village.

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