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I know there are a lot of posts about money but can anyone help me come up with a bit of a plan for our trip in Feb?

We haven’t pre paid for most of our accommodation -in 4 different hotels- except for 6 nights at Coral Rock Hotel where they have asked for 50% deposit. I was thinking it may be as well to pay the full balance so I don’t have to take the money?

All others want paying in USD or TSH when we arrive. I would prefer to pay USD in case of any issues with the exchange rate so we will need to take all of this cash with us as we can’t get USD there. Is this right?

We will also need to take additional spending money or can we rely on being able to withdraw TSH in Dar and Stone Town from an ATM?

Can anyone give us any guidance on how much additional spending money we will need – we plan on doing a spice tour, jozani forest and going to the sauti za busara festival? We aren’t big spenders – we like a bargain.

Any comments would be really appreciated – also any last minute tips on what to take with us…Karl I think you supplied someone with a checklist of things to take. Could you send this to me?

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  1. I would pay as much as possible in advance, so that I don’t have to deal with it when I get there. You may still have to carry a large sum of USD and withdraw from ATMs a few times. Most of the hotels along the safari path exchanged at a very fair rate. There are ATMs in DAR, Arusha, and Stone Town which we used to get local currency from. Exchange rate is bad if you pay for items with USD, you should pay with TZ Shillings when ever possible to get best rate.

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