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My daughter will be living in Arusha for 3 Months teaching English. She will be there from May until the end of July. She will be living with a host family and traveling on the weekends.

Should she take Malarone? I was not able to tolerate it when we went to Ethiopia and I am wondering if it is something she needs to take in Arusha?

Also are you able to drink the water? in Ethiopia we couldn’t even wash our face or brush our teeth with it. just wondering how careful she needs to be.

Thank you!

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  1. Yes, you are at risk of malaria in Arusha and the entire surrounding area, below 2000m. So she should take anti malaria. I live in Arusha and  sometimes the early evening mossies can be a real irritant. Best bet is not get bitten of course, which means covering up!
    As for water, It’s chlorinated and I’ve drunk it for years without any problems, although some folks prefer to drink the bottled stuff – about TSh 1000 to 2000 for 1.5 litres in local shops (Price varies depending with where you buy)

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