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Hi All,

Does anyone have recommendations for what to do during my weekends here whilst working? I am keen to make the most of my time, explore the area around Arusha, and see some nature (obviously not expecting Serengeti-style experiences here).

I am hoping to do this on a budget, so can’t afford to be paying the Arusha National Park entry fee every weekend. Are there more cost-effective ways / areas to explore? Any ideas for places to visit / cheap excursions / places to go hiking would be appreciated.

Is a cheap, local weekend safari an option? It’s worth saying that I DON’T have a car / vehicle, but am happy to use public transport where available.


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  1. There are so much options!

    Try Chemka hot spring, Ilkidinga village for cultural tourism and waterfalls, Visit materuni village and waterfalls, tour longido village, visit Lake duluti, a day tour to arusha national park etc.

    For Arusha park you need to hire a jeep, you can use small 4wd cars like Rav 4 to cut cost and the rest of the places you can use a mix of public bus and boda boda (Motorcycle).

    Karibu and Enjoy your stay in Tanzania,

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