How do you live in Arusha as an Expat


How do you live in Arusha as an Expat

We stayed in Arusha only for one year but it will remain in our hearts forever. The shades of the red earth, the jacaranda trees laden with violet flowers that fall like confetti, the abundant fruits in the markets and the kindness of a strong and warm people.

Of course there are the problems of a large city such as badly managed traffic, a dusty and crowded city centre and opportunistic crime. These challenges are easily overcome thanks to the good nature of the people.

Arusha is a city in East Africa’s Tanzania, located at the base of volcanic Mt. Meru. It’s a gateway to safari destinations and to Africa’s highest peak, 5,895m Mt. Kilimanjaro, lying some 100 kilometers northeast. To the west lies Serengeti National Park, home to wildlife including lions, rhinoceros, giraffes and leopards. Annual migrations feature huge herds of wildebeests crossing its plains. 

For families with children international schools abound, and they are excellent, with English, French and German spoken. There are many schools for dance, music and gymnastics as well as cultural and recreational centres.

Weekend walks are available in the beautiful Ngozi Crater lake and safaris in the Arusha National Park; Lake Manyara National Park, Ngorongoro Crater, or even Serengeti if you have more than two days!

An unforgettable experience is the visit to the Ngorongoro Crater, Well worth hiking the crater highlands if you are physical fit. You can do this for one or more days around the Ngorongoro crater area!

The Lake Duluti or Momela, and many other waterfalls within Arusha are the best opportunities to relax during the weekends and forget every thing and concentrate on yourself.

Arusha has a very active social life.   It is impossible to resist African music and there are countess local concerts at any time of the year. There are many restaurants with African and multi-ethnic cuisine and most have excellent service and quality.

In addition to the local population, Arusha welcomes a large Indian community. You can visit interesting temples or be tempted by one of the many delicious Indian restaurants or stock up on spices and saris in the Parkland neighbourhood.

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