Holiday to Tanzania Oct 2020


I am hoping to organise a holiday to Tanzania/Zanzibar and I am interested in doing a safari. I am concerned that I will be trapped in a jeep for hours driving around looking for animals. Is this the case?

I would appreciate any feedback


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  1. If you are on a private safari you do as you wish. Of course you have to arrive at your destinations, this can sometimes involve hours in a 4×4 but you can also break up the trip. Drive to Tarangire, then Manyara then Ngorongoro then onto the Serengeti.

    At all locations you can do bush walks or hike in the Ngorongoro highlands. At Manyara you can do a cultural tour also go bike riding. So there is plenty to do. Canoe trips are also great fun. Ask your operator to suggest alternatives to long hours in the vehicle.

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