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Downtown Arusha Sightseeing: There are several reasons you may find yourself wanting to know about some things to do in Arusha. There is a lot to do in this city, as it is a nice mix of busy Dar es Saalam and relaxed Moshi. This many-sided city is the place to start a safari trek through Arusha National Park, prepare to hike up Mount Meru or catching a quick flight to Zanzibar to soak up the island life.

Question is what to do while waiting for these once in a lifetime adventures to start? Hang out time in between can be spent enjoying some local daily life or exploring nature’s gifts. These activities give you a chance to see unique features of Tanzania.

Downtown Arusha Sightseeing: A romp through Arusha must start at Kilombero. That’s the name of Arusha’s equivalent to Grand Central Station. You can take a dala dala, taxi or shuttle from where ever you are. This is the central meeting area for all the dala dala’s routes. It’s a large gated field that the dala dalas drive through to drop off and pick up riders. You can catch any dala dala heading in any direction.

I always looked for a guy who seemed to understand the madness, told him where I wanted to go and I was always lead to the correct dala dala. This area is shared with an open air market frequented by locals. Wandering through, I liked to smell the sweet pineapples, roasted corn and sweet potatoes. Pick up a treat and exit the grounds on the South side, onto Sokoine Road, and head East. After a few blocks you will encounter a roundabout with a visible landmark of the clock tower. This is where Tanzanite Experience, Africafe, other restaurants, small shops, and Masai Market are located.

I was delighted to learn about Tanzanite. This is a rare gem found only in the foothills of Kilimanjaro. Tanzanite Experience offers a free thing to do in Arusha. Enjoy a museum tour and shopping experience catered around the unique story of the Tanzanite gem. The stones are acquired locally and through ethical means, making them a wonderful and significant treasure to take back home. I’m hoping to get one from my future husband.


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