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I am sure all will be good, and COVID-19 will finally be history! I am planning on obtaining a tourist visa at the Namanga border. Do I need to supply any documents or passport pictures?

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  1. If you are going to Arusha from Nairobi consider online option:

    Since November 2018, an official tourist visa can be applied for online  This is the only official website. Please only use this website for your visa application! Other companies or agencies are far more expensive and I even heard of cases were applicants lost the money they paid.

    NB: The new e-visa facility is still in its infancy. According to posts on Tripadvisor people still didn’t get their e-visa 2 weeks after applying and paying for it. Email queries are not replied to. It might be better for the time being to apply for your visa on arrival.

    You can also get your visa for stays of up to 3 months on arrival at the border. They are equipped with cameras and laser fingerprint check. You need a valid passport and the completed visa form to apply for it.  The visa costs US$ 50 per person (adults and children), for US citizens US$ 100. Immigration is open day and night.
    Payment for the visa is in cash or by credit card**. If you bring cash, they apparently only accept US$ 50 notes, new notes only (US$ notes 2013 or after). No other currencies are accepted, only US$!

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