Best way to View Kilimanjaro from Arusha



What is the best vantage point to view Kili from Arusha? Is there any suggested day trip that we can do to get to a good vantage point?


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  1. The best place to view Kilimanjaro is Moshi area at the foot of the mountain. Granted the mountain isn’t always out but you can spot it in the early mornings or in the evening.


    If you can’t make it to Moshi or stay there for a night the second best option would be the areas outside Arusha in the direction of the mountain. Towns like USA river can work if you stay at lodges that are at elevation such as Arusha Villa and Ngaresero Lodge to mention a few.


    You will not be able to see Kilimanjaro from Lake Manyara. It s too far away.

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