Awesome things to do in Arusha


Awesome things to do in Arusha; Which All Activities to take up in Arusha, Tanzania?

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  1. Tanzania is a land that has the power to mesmerize and fascinate its visitors with its enthralling natural beauty and picturesque surroundings. Pick your favorite amongst the following or make time to take up all the activities mentioned below.

    1. #1. Watch the thundering waterfalls of Mt. Meru and Mt. Kilimanjaro
    2. #2. Visit the beautiful Kikuletwa Hot Springs
    3. #3. Visit the Nilotic Tribe in the Masai Village of Tanzania
    4. #4. Visit the Idyllic Coffee Farms in Arusha
    5. #5. Visit the eye-soothing and beautiful Lake Duluti, a 10 minute drive from Arusha
    6. #6. Catch up a movie the Njiro Movie Complex, Arusha
    7. #7. Visit the Natural History Museum of Arusha
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