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Also, the two options are flying with a airline called “Zan air” (from Arusha) or “precision air” from Kili. From what I read Precision Air is established and reliable, but has anyone had any experience with Zanair?

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  1. The international airport at Arusha is called Kilimanjaro so I’m not certain what you mean by “flying out of Arusha airport rather then traveling further to the Kili airport”. Kilimanjaro airport is about 45 minutes from Arusha town.
    Typically when people talk about the Arusha airport they mean Kilimanjaro Or did you mean the small Arusha airport located very close to Arusha town? I think if you meant the Arusha airport close to Arusha town then you could only catch a charter flight out of there for Zanzibar, I don’t think that many scheduled flights leave from there, other then charter, or perhaps Coastal Air flights. Precision Air flights leave from Kilimanjaro Airport.

    If you are in Arusha town then you should use the Kilimanjaro airport to get to Zanzibar. As I said it’s only about 45 minutes out of Arusha town. Precision Air has a shuttle from Arusha to the Kilimanjaro airport, and you pay 10,000 TSH (less then $5 or about $5) for the shuttle ride to the airport. The shuttle leaves from their office near the clock tower.

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