Arusha Volunteer weekend’s parties


Arusha Volunteer weekend’s parties, what to do in Arusha in weekends?

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  1. After a week hard’s work, unwind during the weekends and party at any of the below mentioned places. Partying will also help you interact with the locals, make friends with the fellow volunteers and get to know the city, better.

    1. #1. Make your own BBQ Party – What’s better than a party in-house? Ask your project coordinator to give you some quick tips on arranging your own BBQ party inside the volunteer house.
    2. #2. Masai Camp – A Beautiful and fun place for party junkies
    3. #3. Empire – An affordable and fun place to party in.
    4. #4. Via Via – Party Hard as you enjoy free Wi-Fi at Via Via. A place that gives you a homey and African feel, this place must be visited at least once.
    5. #5. Mango Tree – Unlimited Wi-Fi, Pool and Dart Table, Assorted Delicacies coupled with brewed beer, you cannot not party here when in Arusha.
    6. #6. Club D – Experience the thrill of the Tanzanian Nightlife and visit Club D while voluntouring in Arusha.

    PS : It is advised to the volunteers to not head alone at night for drinks. However, if you are looking to grab a quick bottle of beer, places like Kilimanjaro, Serengeti, Ndovo and the Tanzanite Bar are recommended.

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