5 Reasons to Visit Arusha

5 Reasons to Visit Arusha

Historically, Arusha has and is continues to increasingly become more central to intra-African diplomacy and centre for continental governance experiments. One is justified to hence fondly refer to Arusha as “the Geneva of Africa”. The city is home to the Arusha Declaration of 1967, Tanzania’s most prominent political statement of African Socialism/Ujamaa piloted by Julius Mwalimu Nyerere, Tanzania’s founding father.

At present, in addition to the East Africa Community and its organs, Arusha hosts the United Nations International Residual Mechanism for Criminal Tribunals. This international character is further complemented by the fact that Arusha has a vibrant tourism industry – with the world’s largest national parks calling Arusha home. The bonus point is the fact that Arusha plays host to some of the most prominent higher learning institutions (e.g., ESAMI, NM-AIST, Makumira University, University of Arusha, MS TCDC, and IAA)

Arusha is where Rwanda’s pre-genocide peace negotiation process took place, resulting into the “Arusha Accords”. Later, the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) for trials of the Rwandan genocide offenders were held in Arusha.

5 Reasons to Visit Arusha

1. Intriguing Culture

Arusha consists of over 100 nationalities, making it diverse in terms of culture. You can also participate in cultural tourism program where trips are organized to visit nearby villages.

2. Amazing Architecture and Historical Monuments

Find out about Tanzania’s cultural, social, and political history by visiting the Arusha Declaration Museum. Visit the Natural History Museum off Boma Road to learn all about human evolution.

3. Breathtaking Landscape

Mount Meru provides a beautiful backdrop to Arusha. Marvel at the waterfalls of Arusha National Park or enjoy a camel safari on the lower slopes.

4. An Exciting Food Scene

Dine on Nyama Choma (roast meat), enjoy some biryani, pilau, or chapati. Look for delicious roadside snacks on the streets of Arusha or visit the Arusha Farmers Market for a wide selection of Tanzanian delicacies.

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