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Nature Walk to Eyasi View point

Nature Walk to Eyasi View point: Drive to the starting point of the road to Endulen. This open grassland gives beautiful view of Mount Oldeani to the left and Makarot to the right. You will see several Maasai Villages dotted around the valley and you may well encouter Men herding their cattles and goats.

You will climb gently up for about 45 minutes along the Shouler of Mount Oldeani , eventually reaching a spectacular view point where the land falls away to lake Eyasi, the western walkl of the rift valley and the SERENGETI plains.

This tour can also be done at anytime of the day and it takes about two Hourse.

Details of Lake Eyasi

Guests are invited to overnight in these tribal lands as well as witness how these people continue to hunt and forage for their food in the face of Tanzania’s continued development. Observing an early morning hunting display, gathering honey, and traditional dance performances are all part of the experience.It is a cultural experience not to be missed, and it all happens against the backdrop of beautiful Lake Eyasi.

Lake Eyasi is situated at the southwestern end of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area between Great Rift Valley Eyasi escarpment and Kidero mountains, just 133 km (95 miles) west of Lake Manyara. Lake Eyasi cover an area of about 1,050 square km (400 square miles).

The lake is as all the other lakes in the Rift Valley a soda lake. Lake Eyasi, which has one principle spring, the Sibiti River, is enclosed with walls consisting of purple lava. The main attraction of Lake Eyasi are the Hadzabe bushmen, the indigenous inhabitants and the last community of hunters and gatherers in Africa. Lake Eyasi is their homeland for over 10,000 years. They are still holding to their traditional way of life, hunting and gathering different kinds of fruits and honey.

The Hadzabe live in caves and they don’t wear any kind of clothes but rather skin to cover the private parts. Their community is endangered, because most of their land has been taken away from them for commercial production and they are forced to join the civilization.

Lake Eyasi is also inhabited by another bushmen community, the Tindiga. This community is also a hunters and gatherers community, but they are tired of this kind of live and want to join the civilized world. They have been living for centuries from the forest and its products, hunting animals such as monkeys. 

The Tindiga people don’t have permanent houses and avoid buildings with iron sheets, because they believe they cause blindness.

A visit to their community is something you will most likely not want to miss, perhaps you will even have the possibility to see how they shower and lotion with monkey bone narrow.

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