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Museums in Arusha Town

The Tanzanite Experience

Visit The Tanzanite Experience and learn about the history, mystery and rarity of this precious gemstone, unique to Tanzania. Through a series of interactive tours and visual exhibitions, including a replica of a Tanzanite mine shaft, visitors discover how tanzanite was created, named, mined, cut, polished and graded. There is also the opportunity to purchase tanzanite direct from the source with all gemstones purchase being accompanied by a certificate by The Tanzanite Laboratory™.

The museum is located in the center of Arusha and has a store attached and in addition, there are also stores at Arusha Coffee Lodge, Manyara Airport, Maramboi Tented Camp and The Manor in Ngorongoro. The Tanzanite Experience is dedicated to creating a greater awareness of the rare and precious tanzanite and offers visitors a complete ‘tanzanite experience’.

Cultural Heritage Centre

The Cultural Heritage Centre established in the year 1994. Is the first of its kind in Africa dedicated towards exploring the rich treasures derived from African Culture. This family business is the result of culmination of hard work, unwavering dedication and knowledge acquired from the forefathers. At the helm of the affairs is the versatile managing director, Mr. Saifuddin Khanbhai, who has a solid knowledge of African Culture and traditions.

Culture Heritage Center has acquired iconic status due to the unique structure of the buildings within its compound and having the treasure chest of African art which is keeping African Art alive. The main building is designed to resemble the Uhuru Peak of Kilimanjaro. It also has an impressive array of arts and crafts including unique masks, Verdite carvings and paintings by famous African sculptures. Cultural Heritage now boasts an impressible Art Gallery was build on his vision which was to promote the work of the local artists.

The exterior of the Gallery is imp rived by a drum, shield and spear, all major African symbols. The symbols resonate with the role of the Gallery that is to represent, communicate and celebrate Africa’s Cultural Heritage. Among its many world famous pieces of Art is a 18 feet family tree which took 20 years to make. People from all over the world also visit Cultural Heritage, for its unrivaled reputation of having the finest Tanzanite stones which are also found in the Mererani hills of Tanzania, best in the world. The interior has three areas (i) History, (ii) Wildlife and (iii) soul.

Ethnographic artifacts fill the History area, the wildlife area consists of contemporary paintings and sculptures of the curvatures roaming the African Savanna and the soul area captures Africa’s energy allure and essence. The art gallery also has an amphitheatre which often shows on the life of special Tanzanian tribes like the Maasai, Pygmies and Hadzabe. It is also used for conferences. Also offered at the centre are day rooms found on the top of the building. They serve as resting place in the calm environment after a long safari trp.

The spa at the Gallery offers a verity of personal care and treatments. The proceeds from the Gallery go to the conservation of elephants in Africa and the main concept of this is anti poaching clearly defined by the sculpture of the large unique beaded elephant. However, other causes such as orphanages, schools and boreholes and well drilling benefit from the proceeds.

The centre also has a restaurant, coffee chop, spice centre, beads centre, and flea shop, which offers a variety of artifacts at different prices. Apart from the art the centre vibrated with warm hospitality. Cultural Heritage is visited by tourists from all over the world. It has been honored by visits from distinguished guests and state leaders such as President Bill Clinton, The prince William of Holland and his wife, Former UN secretary Mr. Kofi Annan, and celebrities such as Cindy Crawford. However every visitor who visits Cultural Heritage is treated as a Celebrity.

Arusha Isle of Jewels:

Isle of Jewels (originally called Isle of Gems) specializes in creating hand-made jewelry with East African gemstones; specifically in Tanzanite, Garnets, Spinel, Rubies, and Sapphire

Old Boma Museum

It was opened to the public in 1987 with the exhibits depicting human evolution, including findings from the famous Olduvai Gorge and the Laetoli footprints; the museum has three separate buildings which together…
Historic Museum in the heart of Arusha town!!

Arusha Declaration Museum

Its a nice place to know Tanzania history from Pre colonial, colonial, post colonial, fighting for independence, during independence and after independence.
Its a nice place to know Tanzania history from Pre colonial, colonial, post colonial, fighting for independence, during independence and after independence.

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