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Monduli District in Arusha Region

Monduli District in Arusha Region was established during the British colonial rule;  the administrative area was named “Monduli Maasai District” which included the present Kiteto, Simanjiro, Ngorongoro and Longido districts. In 1979 the present Kiteto district was born out of the Monduli Maasai district (then the present Simanjiro district was still part of Kiteto district) Since then the name of the district remained “Monduli” The present Ngorongoro  district was still part of it until 1980s. In 2005 Longido district was born out of Monduli District.

Location:  Monduli District is situated between latitudes 3.00” to  4.50” south of the Equator and Longitudes 36.50” to 36.45” East of Greenwich Meridian. It is bordered by Arumeru district  to the East, Ngorongoro and Karatu Districts to the west, Mbulu and Babati to the South and Simanjiro District  to the South- East and Longido district to the North……..                        

Administration: Administratively the District is divided into  three divisions of Manyara, Makuyuni and Kisongo, 15 wards and 48 villages. The major Ethnic group is the Maasai who constitute about 40 percent of the entire population. The main activity is livestock keeping . The second ethnic group is the Waarusha -they constitute about 20 percent of the entire population. The main activities are livestock keeping and farming. The rest who are not indigenous of Monduli District constitute 40 percent and their main activities are farming and trading.

Ngurdoto Crater in Arusha National Park

Land and Economy: The main economic activities of Monduli District are Livestock keeping, agricultural production and wildlife. More than 90 percent of the population is engaged in livestock raring and agriculture. The District is estimated to have 105,547.5 hectares of potential arable land but only 87,632.5 hectares are under cultivation that is 13.65percent. Large-scale farming is the main  form of farming.

Major food and cash crops are maize, beans and paddy, which are leading staple food crops. Coffee and sunflowers are grown at a small scale. Livestock keeping is the main predominant economic activity. The district has an area of 6,419 square kilometers of which 6290.62 square kilometers is land area and 3,983. 855 is grazing land.  1055.475 square kilometers is arable land and 374.965 square kilometers is under forest. Water covers  128.38 square kilometers.

Topography: The land  surface is characterized by a number of isolated mountains (Monduli, Lepurko, Loosimingori, and Lengai) and flat rolling plains. Altitudes range from 600m. In the low elevations to 2900m at a high elevations. The district has mixed vegetation- forest, bushlands, wooded grassland and grasslands. There are perennial and seasonal rivers in the district. The major perennial streams are Simba, Kirurumo, Mto wa mbu, selela (Kabambe scheme) and Engaruka.

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