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Coffee tour in Arusha Tanzania

Coffee tours in Arusha

Coffee Tours in Arusha

Coffee Tours in Arusha  : Tanzania is known for its enormous coffee farms, where fresh coffee beans from coffee plantations are extracted to ensure you get the ideal blend of coffee. As if Tanzania’s natural beauty, landscape, wildlife, and beaches weren’t enough to draw tourists, the country is also well-known for these.

 What more could a coffee enthusiast want than to breathe in the aroma of freshly brewed coffee that has just left the farm? The coffee plantation tour in Arusha is something you should definitely take if this sounds like something you would enjoy.

The tour typically starts with a stroll through Arusha’s coffee lodges and ends with a tasting of various brewed coffee varieties. In fact, you get to watch the entire procedure from beginning to end! You get to watch the entire process right in front of you, from the extraction of the coffee beans to the addition of milk or any other additive you like to the final cup! In fact, you can even choose your own coffee beans!

 The coffee plantation tour in Arusha is a trip to paradise for coffee connoisseurs. The aroma of freshly roasted coffee beans is unsurpassed. You’ll learn more about the actual age of the farms from your tour guides. Some of them are even older than a century! Check out the differences between the new and old farms for yourself.

Arusha coffee tours

 Start and finish in Arusha! You can take a 1-day tour package through Arusha, Tanzania, with the in-depth cultural tour Visit Arusha Coffee Plantation. Accommodation in a hotel, a knowledgeable guide, meals, transportation, and other amenities are all included in Visit Arusha Coffee Plantation.

Tanzania’s main exports are Arabica and Robusta coffee, so it stands to reason that they have perfected the craft of coffee making. Coffee is the main source of income for many Tanzanians and is grown in the country’s fertile volcanic soil. It is well worth the trip to visit one of the many outstanding plantations. Learn more about the procedure, sample some different brews, and find out for yourself why there is so much hype.


In Arusha, you can take a trip to a coffee plantation or farm, to a village on Mount Kilimanjaro’s slope, or to the slopes of Mount Meru. You will visit the typical small coffee farms owned by the farmers, who are village members. You will become acquainted with the entire process of producing coffee during the course of the program. Additionally, the visitor will savor a lunch that has been prepared locally, and of course, coffee will be brewed. Visitors will be led by the farmers themselves. The following are the primary pursuits on the coffee tour:

  • An excursion to a nearby coffee farm;
  • Coffee berry picking and pulping;
  • Explanation about organic coffee farming and fair-trade standards;
  • Processing of the coffee from beans to cup;
  • Coffee drinking at the farm


There are a lot of coffee plantations in Tanzania, especially in the northern region, where the climate is ideal for growing the enchanted coffee bean. A tour of a plantation is always interesting, and some lodges even grow their own coffee. If the right time of year is present, a guided tour will demonstrate the growth, harvesting, and final processing of coffee beans to create the warm beverage that so many people enjoy in the morning.

 It is still possible to go on a tour during other seasons. Following that, the guide will explain the various types of beans, how they are processed, and how that delicious coffee flavor is created. Naturally, each tour concludes with a delicious cup of freshly brewed coffee!

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