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Arusha Safari Car Rental

Self Drive Car Hire in Arusha Tanzania 

Self-drive safari car hire in Arusha, Tanzania, is designed to allow friends, families, couples, and even siblings to drive the safari jeep on their own in diverse tourist attractions to experience Africa in a self-drive model ranging from 4 days of safari. The car is customized for your wildlife exploration and easy photographing. This can also be specifically for research or a road trip, all starting from Arusha or Kilimanjaro Airport. These are 4×4 Manual, four-seat, Diesel with a huge fuel tank mounting to 160 liters. Self drive safari car hire means that you will take care of your entry fees, food, and fuel unless otherwise advised. 

Road Trip Tanzania

Tanzania is the perfect self-drive country! With your 4×4 you can experience a real African adventure here by travelling straight across the game reserves.

Driving off-road with your 4×4 via tracks through the bush. Camping in the middle of the wilderness in between Africa’s wild animals. It’s all possible with a self-drive through Tanzania! In some places you will have to wade through water or course through deep sand. 

Tanzania is a country where a 4×4 definitely feels at home. Self-drive road trips to Tanzania mostly start in Arusha, Iringa, Morogoro and Dar es salaam.

Arusha Safari Car Rental

How to rent a car?

Are you interested in renting a car in Tanzania? We bring you a guide on how to get this done without getting any problem. If you want to hire a car then its as simple as visiting our contact us page . If you get to the page then go on and fill in the form below with your details. Indicate the dates you intend to rent a car in Tanzania, state if you want to hire a car on a self drive Tanzania basis, or car hire with a driver.

Our reservation team with get back to you with best car rental Tanzania offers and also guide you on which type of car is best to use depending on your travel plans.Another way to rent a car in Tanzania is by calling us directly on our official telephone numbers ( +255 759 694 668  / +255  687 590 560). We are always available to receive your call to hire a car in Tanzania. You can also use the same numbers on WhatsApp and chat with us to book a car.

Frequently Asked Question about renting a car in Arusha

When it comes to hiring a car in Tanzania for self Drive Tanzania experience, there is an age limit before one is allowed to book the car. Here at Rent a Car Tanzania Ltd have an age limit of 22 years to 75 years of age for for those interested in hiring a car in Tanzania for self drive. This is done to ensure safety of our clients on the roads. Its always advised by doctors that one someone is above 75 years of age then he/she gets tired easily and this means driving on bumpy roads in Tanzania national parks becomes hectic and tiresome for them. That is why we apply that car rental age limit policy.

This a common question among our clients. We always advice our clients to hire cars in Tanzania with us at anytime of the year. Everyday is a good day to rent a car in Tanzania and there is nothing like best time to book a car. Depending on your travel plans, get any type of car for hire with us either in summer or winter.

Before hiring a car in Tanzania, one needs to know the road rules and regulations to avoid making mistakes both on and off-road. Here at Rent a car Tanzania have come up with a list of road rules and regulations for our clients to follow while on a Tanzania self drive safari. We have also listed all the road signs to follow while driving in Tanzania.

If you are planning to book a Tanzania self drive car then you need to have a valid driving permit. We have come up with a guide on how to obtain or renew a driving license in Tanzania. Contacts us for that.

When you rent a car in Tanzania with us then we allow you to cross the boarder with it to other East African countries like Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi and Congo. All you need to do is inform us that you will need to cross the boarder with car and we shall make that happen.

Are you planning to go on a Tanzania self drive safari? Then you need to have a valid driving license. If you are a foreigner then its okay you can use your valid driving license from your country. Its 100% accepted in Tanzania and therefore you shouldn’t worry about that. Go on and rent a car in Tanzania for self drive and use your driving permit.

Yes! Here at Rent a Car Tanzania ensure that all our cars are comprehensively insured. We dont give our clients cars that are not insured. This is done to ensure safety of both our clients and our cars.

When it comes to selecting the best car for hire in Tanzania then this depends on someone’s travel plans. There are cars best for safaris like the 4×4 Toyota Land cruiser, 4×4 Toyota Rav4, Safari land cruisers, safari vans and more. There are also cars perfect for town driving like the saloon cars and luxury cars. Therefore a perfect car depends on someone’s choice and travel plans.

What to Expect in Arusha

Arusha is not a place most people know and, if we’re being honest, most people will never go there. But they should. Arusha is a frontier city, it’s a place of excitement, it’s a place of opportunity. It’s from this unlikely place that people from every corner of the planet converge, all there to partake in travel experiences so amazing and so unique that they truly live up to the moniker of once-in-a-lifetime.

What to Expect when Visiting

Overall though, Arusha is a great place to do very little. Whether you’re fresh off a flight, at the end of your safari or dirty and exhausted from Mt. Kilimanjaro, you will undoubtedly be in need of some down time. Both before and after our safari Arusha was our home base and I personally came to regard it affectionately.

 I got to know the hotel, the staff and where to find a quiet corner to read a book and decompress. There’s plenty of nightlife all around town if that’s your thing and if you find yourself staying for a few days in Arusha, there are some amazing national parks nearby. If you’re willing to sacrifice a full day to the experience, there’s nothing better than trekking out to Tarangire National Park, famous for its elephants. 

If you don’t have that much time there is also Arusha National Park, although I’m told that the wildlife experiences there pale in comparison to not only Tarangire, but all of the other amazing national parks throughout Tanzania.

One popular must-visit in Arusha is the 137km² Arusha National Park just north of town. The park offers great safari experiences and features habitats ranging from open savannah to acacia scrublands, rainforest to alpine vegetation and also the golden Mount Meru. The wildlife in Arusha National Park is also incredibly diverse, with leopards and hyenas being the major predators in the area. Bird twitchers will also not get disappointed as the park is home to a world-class avifauna of 400 bird species.
Aside from the taste of authentic safari within the outskirts of town, Arusha also provides ample opportunities for cultural immersion, local villages tour, farms, markets and so much more!
When it comes to receiving an influx of tourists, Arusha holds a large influx every year. It has a domestic airport which provides direct flight link to Dar es Salaam and it is also very near Kilimanjaro International Airport, where most safari-bound travelers arrive.

But, even though a lot of tourists often find themselves with a day or two to spare, Arusha always have something in store for them.

The Cultural Heritage Centre is the perfect place to begin your history expedition in Arusha. The building itself is a spectacle of beauty that beckons to be photographed. It is structured as a sword and shield. It serves as a symbol of the Masai people’s heritage. 

Inside the centre, you will find artwork, statutes, and artifacts representing the past and present of over 120 tribes in Tanzania. You can explore gemstones, traditional dresses, carvings, masks, sculptures, and much more to learn about the way of the tribes. 

The Arusha Declaration Monument is a landmark that represents the Arusha Declaration. The monument was constructed in 1977 (ten years after the declaration) when Chama Cha Mapinduzi was the ruler. The declaration represents African Socialism, known as Ujamaa. The towering structure is beautiful to capture, especially when the lighting and timing are proper. 

Arusha is a captivating place for its location and historical significance in Tanzania. It represents the Tanzanian culture and the values of the 120+ Tanzanian tribes. Keep your camera gear ready to capture memorable shots.

Mount Meru (4,566 m) is an active stratovolcano and forms the centrepiece of Arusha National Park in Tanzania. The mountain is often referred to as Mt Kilimanjaro’s ‘little brother’. Although the mountain is not as high as Kilimanjaro, it is just as challenging. Known for its huge cliffs, beautiful green surroundings and abundant wildlife, Mount Meru is the sixth highest mountain in Africa and the second highest in Tanzania!

Climbing Mount Meru requires more technical climbing skills than the routes on Kilimanjaro. What Mount Meru ‘lacks’ in height, it makes up for in difficulty. Therefore, it is important to have some climbing experience.

Still, Mount Meru is sometimes used as warm-up for climbing Kilimanjaro, especially to acclimate the body to greater heights. If you have the time and budget to climb Meru, it is definitely worth it. The mountain isn’t climbed as often and it provides a truly unique experience. 

Since Meru lies in Arusha National Park, there’s a great chance of seeing various animals while trekking. You’re likely to encounter giraffes, buffalos, antelopes and baboons.

The 5 Arusha must do’s

Looking for gifts or fabrics for family and friends? Arusha is a great place to start. Spend a morning at either the Central Market or the Maasai Market for some world-class bargaining. The farmer’s markets are amazing, too.

This is by far the best museum in the city. If no travel is complete without a museum visit, look no further. The Natural History Center boasts an excellent exhibit on human evolution, among other things. Tanzania is the geographic center of the human story, so this is pretty powerful!

No place in Arusha warms your heart like Shanga, a nonprofit employing over 70 Tanzanians with disabilities. Each worker performs tasks such as glassblowing, weaving, and textiles. Come meet the talented folks who work here and leave with some memories.

Legend has it, one day a local Masaai saw a bolt lightning strike and turn some nearby stones a magnificent blue, and now we have this: Tanzanite, a blue gemstone “a thousand times rarer than diamonds. Though the more scientific reason has to do more with tectonics and continental uplift than lightning, this much is true: you won’t find Tanzanite native to anywhere else on the planet so you better seek it out while in Tanzania. This ultra-rare (ultra-expensive) gemstone can be found at jewelers and stores in Arusha. The Tanzanite Experience offers the best tour in town. 

Bird and boat lovers take note! Located only 10 miles from Arusha, this lake is set to a gorgeous backdrop of forest and volcanoes. Witness dozens of bird and reptile species, from lounging monitor lizards to nose-diving kingfishers. Renting a canoe is highly recommended.


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