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I’ll be working with a community Centre in the Imbeseni Village (UAACC  village founded by Pete and Charlotte O’Neal)  for about 10 or 11 weeks starting next march. I was wondering if you’ve visited this village and have any specific or general advise?

Also, any recommendations for packing — especially “tidbits” you’ve found useful? T


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  1. This place is near to Usa village on the main Moshi/Arush road, about 30km or so outside Arusha. There’s a lot of dala dalas (small van buses) plying this road and so it’s very easy and cheap to get into Arusha. So, if you forget to bring something it will be easy to get into Arusha and get it.

    It will be dark there so make certain that you bring a flashlight with plenty of good batteries. You’ll use it. I typically carry a small flashlight in my pocket so that I always have one so I don’t stumble around when walking after dark. I would also suggest that you bring malaria medication, and plenty of personal medications that you may need when the food disagrees with you.

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